Publications by SMSA Members

Many Association Members are published authors and lecturers. They share their work, their tools and their wisdom with the world. On this page you find a list of select published books, cds and dvds of SMSA members.   To see their full range of available published works or to purchase, these products are available via the websites of the authors. In addition, most can be purchased locally in some of the bookstores.

 We are in the process of acknowledging all of our Member contributions.  Please check back as we update with our latest works!

Beverly Coleman’s Wellness Services – Beverly Coleman

Beverly Coleman
Beverly Coleman


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The Safe Use of Herbs (Print book)

How to use common household herbs to help you stay well.






Free Soul Vortex Education – Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
Pete A. Sanders, Jr.



Scientific Vortex Education (Print book & E-book)

A practical (and easily readable) description of the science that explains Sedona’s famous Vortex meditation sites, plus how to find similar areas near your home and wherever you travel. Featured are what types of Vortexes are best for insight, serenity, and healing hurts from your past. Plus FULL color photos of Sedona.







You are Psychic!  (Print book & E-book)

An M.I.T. – Trained Scientist’s Proven Program Methods for locating and tapping brain and body areas that enhance your psychic sensing ability.  Plus chapters on the Aura, Mind/Body Self-Healing and tapping the deeper dimensions of the Soul.







Access your Joy Center (Print book & E-book)  

A Brain Science breakthrough for how to easily use mind/body to self-trigger mood-elevation fibers in your brain for “Feeling Better Fast” without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating.  This physiological technique lets you rapidly ease distress and view life more from your Soul potentials.  Also included specifics for weight management, pain control, quitting smoking, and reducing substance abuse.






Science for Living AS a Soul (2-DVD set)  

Mr. Sanders shares his latest discoveries & deepest instruction, combining physics, brain science, and spirituality for tapping the FULL potentials for the Soul for serenity, security, and happiness.  Featured are Universal oneness, healing cracks in your inner Soul Crystal, and accessing the newly discovered mysterious expansive energy (that physicists say is 15 times more powerful than what we used to think of as the whole Universe’s energy).





Healing from the Heart – Cynthia Tierra

Cynthia Tierra
Cynthia Tierra


Sedona Vortexes: A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler


Spiritual information about Sedona vortexes, not available from any other source! Written by a professional healer, this book contains everything a spiritual traveler needs to know about the vortex areas of Sedona : the history of Sedona vortexes; What is a vortex?; working with vortex energy; the location of major Sedona vortexes; other vortex areas in Sedona and much more…

Follow the lives of three generations of women in a family, their romances, and their interactions with aliens




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BIG SKIES the story of the artist, the cowboy and the aliens book

Enrica moved to Montana to get away from the stress of her divorce and focus on her painting. Instead of the quiet life she desired, nightmares of creatures abducting her, awaken her every night. Sleep deprivation and discovering she has acquired telepathic powers, make Enrica question her sanity.  After meeting a handsome cowboy, her life takes a turn for the better. But can the relationship survive? Even though they haven’t had sex, Enrica is pregnant.




 smsa cover gift


The Gift the story of the librarian, the rancher and the aliens book

Kiri Johnson, a librarian in Missoula, Montana, has lived with a deep secret all her life; the truth about her alien origin and her psychic powers.  She wants to find a man who will love and accept her despite her secret, but that seems impossible.  Then, she meets Sean, a handsome rancher from Tucson.  It seems her dreams are finally coming true, until she reveals the truth about herself.




smsa cover keeper
Keeper the story of the musician, the scientist, the cowboy and the aliens book


Aliens have been involved with her family for fifty years and she’s tired for the interference.  Her family finally appears to be happy and secure until the most devastating earthquake in history traps her fiancee, Dan, in California.  Beverly meets Gary and is instantly attracted to him, but her loyalty to Dan keeps her from giving her heart away to another man.  When Dan finally returns to Montana, she is torn between the two men.  The aliens could destroy any possibility of happiness with either one.