Classes & Teaching

HARMONIK ~ MmmmProject & OccupySELF in Raven’s Cosmic Portal

Raven’s Cosmic Portal – Raven De La Croix
*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest.
Trinity Toroidal Breath Technique.
DNA Shifting Courses w NeuroSky Brainwave Certification.
Training & Video for Divine Performance Art.
“SonicAlchemy 432hz Heart frequency”.
Lifting one’s vibration aligning DNA for Ascension.

Higher Self Discovery – Craig Junjulas

Higher Self Discovery – Craig Junjulas
*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest.
Private sessions, lectures and empowerment seminars for personal growth, psychic awareness and spiritual awakening.
Craig Junjulas is a metaphysical teacher, clairvoyant, psychic consultant, clinical hypnotherapist, and minister with over 30 years of experience.

Sacred Earth Walks – Rita Faruki

“Our spirit place calls us to replenish and renew…” Come do a magical nature walk with me and transform from a tourist who comes with an interested eye to take pictures, to a pilgrim who comes with a searching heart and engages in the world around them.

Sedona Creative Life Center – Lectures & Workshops

Sedona Creative Life Center
A Spiritual & Creative Growth Center, founded by Shirley Caris, presenting “Programs That Enrich the Human Heart and Soul.” 
SCLC provides a nourishing environment for spiritual/creative growth programs.
Our staff continually works with Presenter’s to help make their programs and knowledge available to the public.
We invite you to participate in events including seminars, workshops, concerts, weddings and more.